kanemitsu Corporation

Handling items
Special Steel Specialist Kanemitsu Corporation
Since our establishment in September 1957 as a special steel sales company in Osaka, we have been working with customers in various industries. We will continue to work to earn the trust of more customers and continue to be a company that is needed in various industries.

Main handling items/steel grades

We perform all processes in-house, from receiving steel coils to processing and providing final products that meets a wide variety of needs.
In terms of quality control in particular, we have established a system that thoroughly inspects the back surface of the base material coil based on a sense of responsibility to protect human life because our products are often used in important safety parts in the automotive field. We have earned the strong trust of our customers as a rare presence in the industry.


Hot/Cold rolled special steel(Coil・Sheet)

Classification Designation Main applications
Carbon steels S20C
  • Clutch parts
  • Chain parts
  • Springs
  • Seat belt parts
  • Washers
  • Sprocket gears
  • Retainers
  • Hose bands
  • Motorcycle parts
S55C SAE1055
S60C SAE1060
S65C SAE1065
S70C SAE1070
Carbon tool steels SK85
  • Clutch parts
  • Gauges
  • Springs
  • Edged tools
  • Washers
Alloy tool steels SKS5
  • Edged tools
  • Circular saws
  • Base metals
  • Band saws
Spring steels SUP10
  • Springs(Disc springs)
Chromium molybdenum steels SCM435
  • Clutch parts
  • Safety belt parts
High tensile strength steels SPFH590
  • Auto parts(Seat belt parts)