kanemitsu Corporation

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Keiichi Fujimoto Steel has supported people's lives for centuries and was essential to the development of industry. By reexamining its value, Kanemitsu wishes to be a humane company that contributes to people and society through the sales of special steel. In this highly information-oriented age, demand for special steel is becoming more diverse. Kanemitsu, which is directly connected to each manufacturer, mainly JFE Steel, responds to a wide range of needs with a full lineup of products. In addition, the unification of distribution channels enables a speedy delivery system, which has earned the trust of our customers. This kind of flexible response can be said to be the sales know-how unique to our company which is directly linked to manufacturers. Kanemitsu will continue to pursue the possibilities of special steel that will expand into the future through the creation of friendly relationships between people and steel.

Keiichi Fujimoto
President and Representative Director

EstablishedSeptember 26,1957
Capital50 million yen
Number of Employees51
Business descriptionSlit processing, shirring processing, oscillating processing and sales of special steel materials
Certification standardISO:9001, ISO:14001
(Head office, Miki branch, Nagoya factory)
Well-placed and cooperated bases to meet customer needs
3 factories in Japan and 1 factory overseas equipped with facilities to achieve Kanemitsu quality
We realize a smooth and speedy delivery system by having locations that meet our customer's needs and integrating distribution channels.